Traces of ourselves

How forensic science evidence tells a story

It doesn’t take long sitting in Stephanie Merritt’s Forensic Science Evidence class to start seeing your life differently. Whatever else you may be — student, professor, athlete, high school class valedictorian, that person who never forgets a birthday— you are also, every day, a steadily unspooling trail of evidence. You are scraped skin cells and shed hairs. Carpet fibers snagged in your shoe heel. Fingerprints on an iPhone screen. The vapor of that glass of wine on your breath.

“It’s almost creepy when you think about it,” said Sarah Rose, L’15, who is enrolled in Merritt’s class. “After taking this class I’ve realized how much you leave behind.”

Read the full story (via PDF)
Read the story in Richmond Law magazine (via ISSUU)

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