Washington Post stories

These are older cover-story pieces I wrote for Washington Post “Weekend.” The section sadly got the axe in the pre-Bezos, printpocalypse days, but while it lasted, it was great to write for, with a terrific team of editors.

And somehow, I ended up the game and go-to writer on the offbeat-sports beat.

If it involved cold, mud, water, sleep deprivation, or the significant likelihood of bodily harm, I was on it.


Open season” – My story on open-water swimming that launched my obsession.
Bike-o-Polo” – It’s polo. On bicycles.
Backpacks, bikes, and boats” – Adventure racing. For when an Ironman isn’t enough.
The boards of summer” – On riverboarding, paddleboarding, and kiteboarding.
Into the woods” – The machete-wearing Mr. Rogers of wilderness-survival education.

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